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Aleratec 1:5 HDD Copy Cruiser IDE SATA Hard Disk Duplicator Factory Refurbished

Part # 350112E
Optional Accessories
50mm mSATA SSD to SATA Adapter 2-Pack
Price: $49.99
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  • Duplicate up to 5 Hard Drives simultaneously
  • Sanitize up to 6 Hard Drives simultaneously withOverwrites as recommended by Government Agencies: Secure Erase, One Pass, Three Pass with Verify, Seven Pass DOD Wipe 5220.22-M
  • Supports 3.5” IDE HDDs and 3.5”/2.5” SATA I/II HDDs
  • Supports 2.5” IDE HDDs with optional Aleratec adapters (P/N 350116), not included
  • Copy from IDE-to-SATA or SATA-to-IDE

Additional Compatibilities with Adapters (not included):
  • mSATA SSDs – 50mm mSATA SSD to SATA Adapter 2-Pack (P/N 350118)
  • Compact Flash (CF) Cards – Compact Flash (CF) to SATA Adapter 2-Pack (P/N 350119)
  • CFast Cards – Cfast to SATA Adapter 2-Pack (P/N 350120)
  • 1.8” MicroSATA SSDs – MicroSATA to SATA Adapter/Cable Bundle, 6-Pack (P/N 350122)

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH): 430 x 190 x 355 mm /16.9 x 7.5 x 14 in

Weight: 9.4 kg / 20.7 lb

  • UPC: 808068-00514-8
  • Country of Origin: Assembled in the USA from components sourced globally
  • One Year Limited Warranty (parts and labor)

The 1:5 HDD Copy Cruiser IDE/SATA performs a sector-by-sector copy from a single source hard disk to up to five target drives, regardless of brand, operating system or format of the drives. The copy includes partition and boot sector information for a perfect clone.

Secure Erase and Overwrite Sanitization
Responsible organizations and individuals understand that the sensitive, private data on their disposed or redeployed hard disk drives are vulnerable if those drives are not properly sanitized.

The 1:5 HDD Copy Cruiser IDE/SATA these efforts by offering overwrite sanitization, up to and including DoD recommended levels, as well as Secure Erase.

Secure Erase is a National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-88 accepted technique for properly purging hard drives. This method is supported by almost all modern SATA, and some IDE, hard disk drives.

It also works up to 60% faster than a one-pass overwrite and up to 90% faster than a 7-pass overwrite.
The Aleratec 1:5 HDD Copy Cruiser IDE/SATA is a powerful, standalone hard drive duplicator that can create five clone hard drives simultaneously.

It can also securely wipe all the data from up to six hard disk drives at a time with Secure Erase or your choice of three comprehensive sanitization algorithms: a one-pass wipe, a three-pass wipe with verify, or a powerful seven-pass wipe as recommended by the Department of Defense 5220.22-M specification.

The unit is compatible with 3.5" internal IDE and SATA hard disk drives, as well as 2.5" SATA drives. It can also accommodate 2.5” internal IDE drives with Aleratec adapters (part number 350116), not included. For the ultimate in flexibility, the unit can copy from either a SATA or an IDE source drive to any combination of SATA and IDE targets.
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