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Lumbar Pillow Comfort Memory Foam Cushion Car Back Support

Part # 250465
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  • NATURAL BACK PAIN RELIEF LUMBAR PILLOW: A high quality, soft and durable memory foam back cushion made of mesh fabric material and premium high-density foam for lumbar support and natural back pain relief from sitting or driving for long periods of time
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN LUMBAR PILLOW: Ideal for use in the office, on airplanes, while driving or for those confined to a wheelchair, the innovative contour design shapes to your lower back and reduces pressure to help relieve lower back pain
  • SOFT AND DURABLE BACK SUPPORT: Made of durable high quality high-density foam that is soft to the touch, back cushion includes a mesh fabric cover to promote ventilation and prevent heat and moisture build up so youíll stay comfortable even after long periods of use
  • BACK SUPPORT PROMOTES BETTER POSTURE: Essential for those who suffer chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain, lumbar support promotes better posture by keeping shoulders and hips aligned so you can sit straight and avoid problems associated with poor posture
  • LUMBAR PILLOW FITS DIFFERENT SIZE SEATS: Includes two-strap design that keeps the cushion firmly in place while secured to an office chair or car seat and can accommodates larger seats with one strap that extends to a full 40 inches to allow for greater placement flexibility
Lower back pain affects millions of people, but instant relief is possible with Prosumer's Choice Lumbar Pillow Comfort Memory Foam Cushion Car Back Support. A natural alternative to surgery or medication, this durable and portable low back pain cushion helps alleviate that nagging lower back pain many of us feel while sitting and typing in uncomfortable office chairs or while driving or flying for hours. Made of soft but highly dense foam material, this portable back cushion uses a contour design that shapes to your lower back and helps relieve pressure so you can sit comfortably for hours. It also helps promote better posture by keeping your neck, shoulder and back aligned. Ideal for desk jockeys, truck drivers, frequent flyers, gamers or anyone who suffers chronic lower back pain, Prosumerís Choice Lumbar Support Foam Pillow includes a washable mesh cover that helps keep the cushion cool and comfortable and adjustable straps to secure it to a variety of seat types.

Size: 13in x13in x4in

Disclaimer: Prosumer's Choice Lumbar Pillow Comfort Memory Foam Cushion Car Back Support is designed to only help your seating discomforts and does not claim any guaranteed health or medical benefits. It neither cures or improves your health conditions. It may or may not benefit you according to body structure and biological composition of your body construction and daily user habits. If you are not sure or suffering with severe physical conditions, please consult physician or licensed chiropractor before use.

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