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Luxuri8 Deluxe Wine Aerator Gift Set

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  • PREMIUM WINE AERATOR: Beautifully designed aerator that makes the most out of even moderately priced wines
  • FULL FLAVOR WINE TASTE: Reveals the hidden flavors of cabernets, zinfandels and other vintages without the weight time of decanting
  • AERATING WINE ACCESSORY: Specially designed tapered chamber removes sediment and infuses air into each poured glass so you'll enjoy a more sophisticated, complex and open flavor
  • QUALITY DESIGN WINE AERATOR: An elegant addition to your kitchen countertop or wine bar that yields instant results
  • WINE LOVERS GIFT: Makes an ideal gift for the wine enthusiasts in your life
Open up the range of flavors of your next wine bottle with Luxuri8's Deluxe Wine Aerator Set. This compact and beautiful aerator adds elegance to kitchen and bar countertops and includes a tapered chamber and tablet top base. Open your bottle and pour the wine directly into the chamber, and Luxuri8's chamber will work its magic as it infuses air into the liquid and traps unwanted sediment. Within a few seconds you and your friends can enjoy the rich, complex flavors of a fully decanted glass of wine without the downtime. A perfect gift or accessory for wine lovers of all types, Luxuri8's Deluxe Wine Aerator is FDA Certified and includes a travel case so you can enjoy better wine wherever it is served. Luxuri8's Deluxe Wine Aerator will unlock flavors you never knew existed in wines you've been drinking for years.

Why Aerate Wine?

Whether you're a Zinfandel fan, love Cabs or imbibe in Malbecs or Merlots, the flavor of many red wines, from expensive to moderately priced, often improves with decanting. Decanting gives wines time to separate from bitter sediment and allows the wine time to open up and mix with oxygen. Most wine experts agree that decanting is important before you ever pour your first glass Luxuri8's Wine Aerator accomplishes this task instantly and unlocks complex rich flavors without the lengthy weight time.

Package Content:
  • 1 pc - Wine Aerator
  • 1 pc - Table Top Base
  • 1 pc - Travel Pouch
  • 1 pc - Travel Table Holder

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