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January 15, 2015Aleratec Announces 15th Year Anniversary
December 30, 2014Aleratec Introduces Micro USB Snake Cables for Charging and Syncing Multiple Tablets, Smartphones or Other Devices
December 29, 2014Aleratec Unveils New Lighting to USB Snake Cables for iPads, iPhones and iPods
November 28, 2014Aleratec Announces Major Price Reduction on Tablet Charge/Sync Cabinets and Stations
November 19, 2014Aleratec Adds the 1:7 DVD/CD Duplicator to its Copy Tower Family
October 29, 2014Aleratec Introduces New HDD Copy Cruiser IDE/SATA Duplicators and Sanitizers with Logging Capability
October 23, 2014Aleratec Launches HDD Copy Cruiser High-Speed WL Series with Logging
September 30, 2014Aleratec Introduces 1:22 USB Computer Connect Copy Cruiser Mini Flash Drive Duplicator
September 25, 2014Aleratec Launches Stand-alone 1:3 DVD/CD Flash Copy Tower Duplicator
August 29, 2014Aleratec Introduces Space-saving Wall Mount Brackets for Charge and Guard Secure Charge/Sync Cabinet 16
August 29, 2014Aleratec Launches "My Makeshift Charging Station" Online Photo Contest for Educators
July 29, 2014Aleratec Launches 1:7 USB HDD Copy Cruiser SA with Sanitization
July 28, 2014Aleratec Introduces Device-Charging Product Line Designed for Airports
June 26, 2014Aleratec Launches 1:31 USB HDD Copy Tower SA with Sanitization
June 24, 2014Aleratec Launches 1:23 USB HDD Copy Tower SA with Sanitization
May 29, 2014Aleratec Launches Charge and Sync Station Mini 10 for Charging and Syncing iPads and other USB-charged Devices
May 28, 2014Aleratec Unveils the Charge and Sync Station 16 for Charging and Syncing iPads and Other Tablets
May 27, 2014Aleratec Introduces Charge and Guard Tablet Deployment Cabinet for the Education Market
April 30, 2014Aleratec Introduces the Charge and Sync Station Mini 10 for iPads and other USB-charged Devices
April 22, 2014Aleratec Announces Software Suite Update for Computer-Connected USB Flash Drive Duplicators
March 31, 2014Aleratec Publishes Portable Device Management (PDM) Buyer’s Guide for Tablet Deployments
March 27, 2014Aleratec Announces Beta Test Program for Educators Using Tablets in the Classroom
February 27, 2014Aleratec Launches the 1:16 USB 3.0 Copy Cruiser Mini Portable Flash Drive Duplicator
February 25, 2014Aleratec Unveils the XC2 Multimedia Shredder
February 12, 2014Aleratec Announces Reseller Partnership with Media Supply Inc.
January 6, 2014Aleratec Introduces the Charge and Guard Secure Charge/Sync Cabinet 16 for iPads and Other Tablets
January 6, 2014Aleratec Unveils the Charge and Sync Station 16 for iPads and Other Tablets
December 12, 2013Aleratec Joins the Fight to Provide Safe Drinking Water to sub-Saharan Africa.
November 5, 2013Aleratec Unveils A High-Speed Family of IDE/SATA Hard Disk Drive Duplicators and Sanitizers
October 29, 2013Aleratec Introduces Its Highest Capacity High-Speed Hard Disk Drive Duplicator Sanitizer
September 25, 2013Aleratec Announces "Tips and Tricks" Video Series to Educate Consumers on Duplicator and Publisher Best Practices
September 18, 2013CEA Recognizes Aleratec for Sustainability Efforts Alongside Google, Microsoft, Intel, Dell, and Hewlett Packard Among Others
August 21, 2013Aleratec Unveils High-Performance 1:3 and 1:5 DVD/CD Copy Towers to Optimize Disc Duplication Efficiency
July 30, 2013Aleratec Releases New Hard Disk Drive Adapter Buyer's Guide
July 24, 2013Aleratec Adds 16-Target Hard Disk Duplicator with Certified Sanitization to its Industrial High-Speed Line
June 27, 2013Aleratec Launches New High-Speed HDD Duplicators with Certified Sanitization
May 28, 2013Aleratec Launches the 1:10 USB 3.0 Copy Cruiser Mini Flash Drive Duplicator
May 15, 2013Aleratec Rolls Out Newly Optimized RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter with Continuous Ink System
April 30, 2013Aleratec Introduces Dual Function 1:4 Hard Disk Drive Duplicator and Docking Station
April 16, 2013Aleratec Launches New Adapter Line Expanding Compatibility of Popular Hard Disk Drive Duplicators
March 27, 2013Aleratec Releases New Optical Disc Publisher Buyer's Guide
March 21, 2013Aleratec's USB 3.0 Flash-Drive Duplicator Gains Competitive Cost Advantage
January 28, 2013Three Disc-Burning Drives Accelerate the Speed of Aleratec’s New Standalone Robotic DVD/CD Duplicator
January 15, 2013Aleratec Introduces Versatile, Portable Hard Disk Drive Duplicator Dock
January 09, 2013Aleratec Introduces Automatic Shredder with Enhanced Security and 240-Sheet Capacity
December 05, 2012Aleratec Announces New Manager of EU Channel Sales
November 27, 2012Ingram Micro to Introduce Aleratec Products to “Prosumers” in the UK
October 16, 2012Aleratec Introduces 11-Target IDE/SATA Hard Disk Drive Duplicator
August 28, 2012Aleratec Introduces Innovative Charge-Glo™ Sync Cable See at a Glance When a Mobile Device is Fully Charged
June 19, 2012Introducing Aleratec’s New Automatic Shredder: The RoboShredder Hands Free Information Security
May 31, 2012Aleratec Introduces its Next Generation of Blu-ray/DVD/CD Duplicators with More Features, Better Prices
April 30, 2012Aleratec's New RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter with Continuous Ink System - The Easy, Efficient, Economical Way to Print Professional Quality Discs
March 06, 2012Aleratec Announces Portable, Powerful Hard Disk Drive Duplicator and Dock
February 28, 2012Aleratec Launches Next Generation SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Flash Drive Duplicator
January 31, 2012Aleratec Offers Complete Guide for Hard Disk Drive Duplicator Buyers
January 26, 2012Aleratec Announces CFast to SATA Adapter for HDD Duplicators
January 25, 2012Aleratec Announces Compact Flash to SATA Adapter for HDD Duplicators
January 24, 2012Aleratec Announces mSATA SSD to SATA Adapter for HDD Duplicators
January 09, 2012Aleratec Announces New Portable Hard Disk Drive Duplicator/Dock Featuring USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Technology
January 05, 2012Aleratec Duplicators and Accessories to be Distributed by Tech Data Canada Corporation
August 09, 2011Aleratec Launches New 15-Target Blu-ray/DVD/CD Duplicator with LightScribe
July 19, 2011Aleratec’s New RoboJet Disc Autoloader™ Makes Automated, Professional-Quality Disc Labeling Easy and Affordable
June 28, 2011Aleratec Announces Double Layer DVD+R LightScribe Media
May 09, 2011Aleratec’s New PortaStor Secure 256-Bit AES Encrypted USB Flash Drives
April 19, 2011Aleratec’s Portable USB Flash Drive Duplicator Targets "Road Warrior" Business Users
April 12, 2011Aleratec Announces 6X Blu-Ray BD-R Media in Inkjet Printable and Standard Silver
March 29, 2011Aleratec Adds Computer-Connected Blu-ray/DVD/CD Duplicator with LightScribe to Lineup
March 02, 2011Aleratec Introduces 5-Target Hard Drive Duplicator and Sanitizer that Works with Both IDE and SATA Drives
February 07, 2011Aleratec Launches New Blu-ray/DVD/CD Duplicators with LightScribe
January 25, 2011Aleratec Introduces Environmentally Friendly Lubricant Sheets for Paper Shredders
November 16, 2010Aleratec Collaborates with Composer Matthew Ferraro on Music Giveaway
October 05, 2010Aleratec’s New Standalone DVD/CD LightScribe Duplicator Features 24X Drives
August 03, 2010Aleratec Launches New Compact, Standalone 11-Target USB Flash Drive Duplicator
July 27, 2010Aleratec Launches New 28-Liter Desk-Side DVD/CD, Credit Card and Paper Shredder
June 22, 2010Aleratec Adds Secure Erase Sanitization to its Tower Hard Drive Duplicators
June 15, 2010Aleratec Announces Launch of Technology Blog
June 01, 2010Apple iPad Sweepstakes and Special Promotions Featured in Aleratec's 10th Anniversary Event
May 25, 2010Aleratec Adds Performance Software to its 1:21 USB Flash Drive Copy Cruiser
April 13, 2010Apple iPad Sweepstakes Celebrates Launch of Aleratec’s Facebook Page
March 30, 2010Aleratec Adds Sanitize Feature to its 1:1 HDD Cruiser Hard Drive Duplicator
March 02, 2010Aleratec Announces 1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser™ - Clone 11 or Sanitize 12 Hard Drives Simultaneously
February 16, 2010Aleratec unveils the 1:1 HDD PortaCruiser ... a lightweight and portable Hard Disk Drive Duplicator
January 19, 2010Aleratec Releases its Free RoboRacer SDK for Automated DVD/CD Publishing
January 11, 2010Aleratec announces the 1:1 HDD Copy Cruiser Mini™ …its most affordable and portable Hard Disk Drive Duplicator offering!
January 06, 2010Aleratec Pledges its Full Support for MAC OS X Snow Leopard…Best Selling LightScribe Duplicators now work with MAC!
December 08, 2009Aleratec announces the DVD/CD Shredder XC…Providing Protection and Peace of Mind at a Low Cost!
September 28, 2009Aleratec signs Innovative Sales Group in Texas as Manufacturers’ Representative to Improve Sales Coverage!
September 22, 2009Aleratec launches Twitter "Stakes" sweepstakes...A Rewarding Way to Recognize and Acknowledge its Faithful Followers!
August 25, 2009Aleratec taps Continental Marketing, Inc for the Pacific Northwest and Canada
August 11, 2009Aleratec announces 1:3 Copy Cruiser BLU HLX Disc Duplicator…3rd Generation LightScribe Disc Duplicator Features 8X speed!
July 14, 2009Aleratec Launches InkJet Duplicator Grade Blu-Ray Media
June 30, 2009Aleratec's 3rd Generation RoboRacer DVD CD Duplicator Needs No Computer
June 01, 2009New Lower Prices for USB Flash Drive and Memory Card Duplicators
April 21, 2009Aleratec HDD Cruiser Recycles Hard Disk Drives
April 07, 2009Aleratec Offers Quick, Easy Protection from Identity Theft and Fraud
March 24, 2009Aleratec Reduces Blu-ray Prices up to 65%
March 10, 2009High Volume, High Speed, USB Flash Drive Duplicators New from Aleratec Up to 118 Copies at Once, No Computer Needed
Feb 24, 2009New Aleratec Hard Disk Drive Duplicator Also Does JBOD Storage
Feb 03, 2009Aleratec Launches Next Generation Hard Disk Drive Duplicator With Buy One, Get One Free Promotion
Jan 08, 2009Two New Aleratec LightScribe-Enabled Tower Publishers Offer Stand Alone LightScribe Disc Publishing

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