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Seat Cushion Comfort Memory Foam Coccyx Orthopedic Gray

Part # 250451
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  • IMPROVED BACK SUPPORT: An innovative orthopedic seat cushion to help alleviate back and joint pain and possibly improve blood circulation while sitting in the car, train, plane, wheelchair or office.
  • ALLEVIATES PRESSURE POINTS: Ideal for patients recovering from pelvic, hemorrhoid, prostate, or post-child delivery surgery, the natural cervical curve design reduces pressure on tail and hip bones for increased comfort and better weight distribution.
  • LOW PROFILE AND PORTABLE: Includes built-in handle for easy portability and non-slip bottom that stays secure on just about any type of slippery or rough seat surface.
  • IDEAL FOR SPORTING EVENTS: Hollow ventilating middle-hole design provides better pressure reduction and spine alignment for increased comfort on hard bleachers or during long, rear-end numbing road trips.
  • WASHABLE: Constructed of breathable mesh fabric material that can be unzipped and tossed in the wash for easy cleaning and maintenance.
For people with lower back pain, sitting anywhere can often be a painful experience. Prosumer's Choice Comfort Foam Orthopedic Seat Cushion is specially designed to help provide relief from back, hip and sciatic pain while sitting in the car, office, wheelchair or other places, including unbearably hard and uncomfortable bleachers. A simple solution to an often debilitating problem, the raised back arch may help support the sacrum for alleviating tailbone (coccyx) pain as well as help spinal alignment for better posture. Prosumer's Choice's revolutionary design hugs the user's thighs to provide extra support and comfort and may also help prevent leg numbness due to poor blood circulation. The hollow ventilating middle-hole design helps reduce pressure on the spine and keeps the cushion well ventilated. A must-have medical accessory for post-opt patients, new mothers, hemorrhoid sufferers and those with sensitive prostates, Prosumer's Choice Comport Orthopedic Cushion has a low profile and tapered design that is shaped for all size legs and weights; you'll hardy notice it's there but you'll feel the positive effects. The mesh fabric is soft and breathable but this back support cushion is firm and won't flatten out like similar orthopedic seats. Prosumer's Choice Comfort Foam Orthopedic Seat Cushion also includes a handle so you can carry it from the car to your work station and the fabric unzips for easy care and washing.
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