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Sit Stand Desk Adjustable Height Standing Computer Workstation

Part # 250444
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  • PROMOTES BETTER POSTURE STANDING DESK: A modern stand-up work desk with gas spring/strut cylinder activated technology to adjust height to the perfect position and promote better posture and increased productivity
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN STAND UP DESK: Easy-to-use, two-tier shelf design positions the monitor at the proper viewing angle as well as the height of the keyboard and mouse for proper working height
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY STANDING: Feel energized and more alert with a sit-and-stand work day that keeps your body in motion instead of constantly sitting, slouching and typing
  • DURABLE & LONG LASTING WORK DESK: Sturdy standup desk adjusts up to 22in for both tall, medium and smaller heights and fits easily on most standard desk setups
  • INCREASE YOUR WORKSPACE DESK: The two-level shelf design gives you plenty of work space and provides additional room to store and keep office belongings
One of the most tiring aspects of a desk job is sitting at a desk. As the day wears on, your posture gets worse and then you get in a car and sit longer to drive home. No wonder you're exhausted. Prosumer's Choice Standing Work Desk is an easy-to-use solution to convert your existing desk into a stand-and-sit-work environment whether you're in a cubby or a large office. The gas spring/strut cylinder activated, two-tier shelf system allows you to adjust the monitor, mouse and desk area to just the right height and gives you much-needed workspace for notebooks, tablets and other necessitous that never seem to fit on an ordinary desk. Designed for statures big and small, Prosumer's Choice Standing Work Desk is easy to install and can hold up 28 pounds. Light enough to install but heavy enough so monitors won't wobble, a stand-up desk can promote a healthy lifestyle and give you much needed energy at the end of the day when you need it most.

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