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Universal Waterproof Pouch IP47 for iPhone and other Smartphones (2-Pack)

Part # 250357
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  • Protects iPhones and other smartphones from water damage
  • Waterproof/Sand-proof level: IP47
  • 2-Pack Combo
  • Internal size: 3.2in x 4.8in / 83mm x 123mm
  • Product size: 3.93in x 7.48in x 0.39in / 100mm x 190mm x 10mm
  • Overview
    Water damage to an iPhone or other smartphone is a common problem and the result can be disastrous. The best way to avoid an expensive replacement is to protect your phone with Aleratec's Universal Waterproof Pouch. This durable but unobtrusive pouch protects smartphones from accidental damage while you're at the beach, the lake, or anywhere water presents a potential hazard.

    Protects without Interference
    Aleratec's Universal Waterproof Pouch was carefully designed so that users can protect their phones without sacrificing functionality. Dial out, answer calls, and snap picture without interruption. This pouch even includes a clear front lens so that pictures remain visible.

    What Does IP47 Mean?
    Aleratec's Universal Waterproof Pouch for iPhones and smartphones has an International Protection (IP) rating of 47. This means it protects from solids such as sand and dirt and immersion in water up to one meter in depth. Universal Design for all Smartphones

    Aleratec universal waterproof pouch is compatible today's touchscreen smartphones measuring 3.2 in (W) x 4.8 in (H).
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