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Aleratec Dual Sided TV Swivel Stand, 360 Lazy Susan Featuring Heavy Duty 200 lb Capacity, 12"

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  • STABLE AND NON-SCRATCH: Easy rotation for the perfect viewing angle. Supports LED/LCD Flat screen TVs, speakers and household items. Rubber feet protect your furniture surfaces from scratches.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Independent third-party lab tested by world renowned SGS to support 200 lbs / 90kg.
  • DUAL SIDED ROTATIONAL STAND: Dual capability with 12 Non-skid feet (6 on each side). Its high grade 18 ball bearings provide smooth rotation with just a simple nudge.
  • ANTI-SKID STURDY ROTATOR: With one inch of enhanced density, this rotator can hold heavy items with ease
  • RUGGED LAZY SUSAN: Designed for both indoor or outdoor, made of chemical resistant, low moisture absorbent, high grade polypropylene which is also recycle-friendly to help the environment.
The Aleratec 360-degree rotating swivel turntable with a 12-inch base is a practical addition to any home entertainment center or office. Our rotator stand is tested to support up to 200 pounds for items such as large TVs, LED/LCD displays, computer monitors, planterís pots, spray booths, and other household items you want to display. The non-skid and non-scratch rubber feet allow for 360 degrees of unrestricted rotation. The swivelís steel ball bearings provide effortless rotation with just a gentle nudge Ė useful for when you want to turn your TV toward your dining table or sofa and when you need a versatile swivel where you work or craft.

Multipurpose by design, this heavy-duty swivel is designed for both rugged outdoor environments and quiet indoor settings. Construction is based on high-quality polypropylene, known for its resistance to both hot and cold temperatures and easy portability due to light weight. We incorporated this high-tenacity thermoplastic material for its versatility in engineering applications, robust chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and easier recyclability to protect our environment.

This heavy-duty rotational stand works like a Lazy Susan turntable and turns 360 degrees, with non-skid, non-scratch rubber feet on both sides that allow you to use either sides as needed. Indoors or outdoors, in the garage or in your kitchen, simply place the swivel on top of your deck, credenza, desk, or counter top, and you're ready to go.

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