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DVD/CD Disc Repair Plus Factory Refurbished

Part # 240131e
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Benefits & Features
  • Motorized Disc Repair Kit that Repairs all DVDs and CDs
  • Easy as 1-2-3: Insert damaged disc, put 3 drops of repair wheel, press "Repair"
  • Restores your damaged discs and protect your favorite, rare, or hard-to-find CD or DVD collection
  • Can repair up to 99% of all scratched discs
  • Includes:Repair Kit, Cleaning Kit, AC Adapter, and Anti-Static Cleaning Cloth
  • Everything you need to perform: 30 super repair cycles (for deep scratches), 50 regular repair cycles (for minor scratches), 150 cleaning cycles
  • Factory Refurbished with 90-Day (parts and labor) warranty
Aleratec DVD/CD Disc Repair Plus is a patented, motorized system that can repair and clean up to 99% of all scratched DVDs, CDs, Game Discs, VCDs, DVD+Rs, DVD-Rs, DVD+RWs, DVD-RWs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs and Masters that are used in an Aleratec Duplicator, without the hassle that comes with a manual cleaning kit.

It comes with three different sets of wheels - Repair, Cleaning, and Buffering making fixing scratches as easy as 1-2-3. Open the lid, put 3 drops of repair solution on the repair wheel, insert the scratched disc and press "Repair".

#1 Pick in's Top 3 CD Repair Kits guide

"I definitely recommend this product, especially for those with little ones around the house. You can both clean and repair discs and as I said, it does so quickly." Closet of Free Samples Review

"I have already got my money's worth just with the DVDs that I have been able to repair so far ....." kidzborn2impress Review

"With all the DVDs and music CDs we have now, it is great to have a disc repair system so that we don't have to throw out scratched discs anymore...." Cheapskate 4 Life Review

Aleratec DVD CD Disc Repair Plus Review: "Like many households out there, we have DVDs and CDs.." Mommy Katie Blog Review

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