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Aleratec Joins the Fight to Provide Safe Drinking Water to sub-Saharan Africa.

Support for The Water Project, an organization dedicated to bringing clean water to people in need, helps bring a new well to Rwanda.

Chatsworth, CA – December 12, 2013 – Aleratec Inc., an award-winning digital duplication technology manufacturer with customers worldwide, today announced participation in The Water Project, an organization dedicated to bringing safe, clean drinking water to communities throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Providing financial support for project construction, Aleratec hopes to spread the word about the need for new wells in developing countries such as Rwanda where unsafe drinking water causes needless suffering. The Water Project brings relief directly to rural communities that lack access to clean water and proper sanitation and works closely with locals, in-country teams and villagers to ensure long-term sustainability.

"Instead of the usual holiday gift baskets, we decided to make a donation on behalf of our customers," says Perry Solomon, president and CEO of Aleratec Inc. "What attracted us to The Water Project is the sustainability of a well. Once it's completed, it can provide drinking water to generations of families and the economic benefits are endless."

The Water Project began operations in Rwanda in 2007 and since then has completed more than 195 water projects. However, 35 percent of Rwandan communities still lack access to safe drinking water, and villagers in many areas are forced to walk several miles to the nearest source of water which is often contaminated from a swamp, stream, or open well. It is for these desperate communities that Aleratec hopes to make a difference.

Volunteers at The Water Project work with communities in basic repair and maintenance, and contributors can monitor the progress of each well on line. For more information on The Water Project , visit http://thewaterproject.org

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