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Aleratec Factory Certified Refurbished 10-Point Checklist

Purchasing Factory-certified
Refurbished Products from Aleratec

Whether you purchase a factory-certified refurbished hard disk drive duplicator or one of our multimedia shredders, you can be confident that you’re making a smart decision. All Aleratec factory-certified refurbished products undergo a rigorous 10-point evaluation performed by a highly skilled Aleratec technician before that product ever leaves the warehouse.

  STEP 1 Run a full diagnostic to ensure that the product is running exactly as specified and repair or replace parts as needed.
  STEP 2 Check for physical damage and repair or replace damaged parts that may affect performance.
  STEP 3 Check that all inputs and outputs are fully functional.
  STEP 4 Test all mechanical functions such as bays, trays, motors, fans, etc.
  STEP 5 Check that all connectors are intact and functioning.
  STEP 6 Test LCD display panels.
  STEP 7 Check that the power supply is working properly.
  STEP 8 Check accessories such as USB cables, power cords, etc., and replace if missing or damaged.
  STEP 9 Run an endurance test for a pre-determined amount of hours.
  STEP 10   Check that all manuals and other documentation are present and in good condition.

If you have any questions about Aleratec factory-certified refurbished products, email us at info@aleratec.com and be sure and check out the incredible deals you can find at our Outlet Store .

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