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Aleratec HDD Drive Demolisher V2 Hard Disk Drive Destroyer

Part # 240215

  • Destroys up to two 3.5” or 2.5” hard disk drives at a time by physically breaking the hard drive chasis and deforming the magnetic platters which hold data
  • Manually operated hydraulic pump, no power source is required
  • Designed for speed and safety. Destroying a hard drive takes less than 1 minute
  • Fully enclosed for safety while demolishing your hard drives
  • UPC: 808068-01318-1
The patent pending HDD Drive Demolisher V2 is rugged, simple to use, requires no electricity and is fully enclosed for safety. Simply insert up to two hard drives at a time into the HDD Drive Demolisher V2’s chamber and use the hydraulically-operated handle to engage a powerful steel punch that mangles the hard drive’s components, spindle and chassis, but also deforms its magnetic platter where the data is stored.

When used as part of your overall security strategy, the HDD Drive Demolisher V2 will give you the added peace of mind that no data will ever be exposed or end up in the wrong hands. Your confidential information remains .... confidential. For best results it is recommended to sanitize the hard drives using an Aleratec HDD Duplicator/ Sanitizer prior to physically destroying them in the HDD Drive Demolisher V2.
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