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What's NewM.2 NVMe Adapter 2-Pack for USB Duplicators1:1 HDD Copy Dock NVMe Stand-Alone DuplicatorAleratec 1:10 USB 3.0 Copy Cruiser Mini V2 DuplicatorAleratec HDD Drive Demolisher V3 Hard Disk Drive DestroyerProductsData DestructionAleratec HDD Drive Demolisher V3 Hard Disk Drive DestroyerDuplicators - Professionals rely on Aleratec duplicators to make perfect copies of hard disk drives, USB flash drives, and optical discs simply and reliably. Certain models of Aleratec industrial or professional-grade hard drive duplicators clone SATA and IDE hard drives or solid state drives with targets ranging from a few to up to 24 identical clones simultaneously. In addition, most Aleratec HDD duplicators include advanced overwrite algorithms for sanitizing hard drives, and many models in the Aleratec HDD duplicator line also duplicate mSATA SSDs, CF Cards, CFast Cards and other storage mediums with the purchase of optional adapters.

If youíre in the market for a USB duplicator, Aleratec offers a full line of computer-connected USB duplicators with easy-to-use software interfaces to duplicate directly from image files or a flash drive or from selected files and folders on the computerís hard drive. We also design, develop and manufacture feature-rich, stand-alone tower duplicators for exact copies of flash drive files without the need of a computer. Aleratecís roots began in optical disc duplication, and we offer high-speed, stand-alone duplicators that copy DVDs and CDs, as well as industrial stand-alone Blu-Ray duplicator systems.HDD Duplicators - Aleratec hard drive duplicators execute perfect clones of up to 24 IDE or SATA hard disk drives, and save businesses, organizations and government agencies valuable time and resources. In addition to high-speed duplication, our Industrial hard disk drive duplicators incorporate advanced hard drive sanitization features to ensure that all traces of information on the drives are completely erased and forensically unrecoverable. With transfer rates up to 120 MB/s (SATA), Aleratecís industrial line of high-speed, stand-alone Copy Cruiser duplicators support 2.5Ē and 3.5" SATA drives, SSDs and 3.5Ē IDE HDDs. Add one of our optional adapters for duplication of mSATA SSD, CF Cards, CFast Cards, or 2.5" IDE HDDS.

For organizations that require precise record keeping of highly sensitive projects, Aleratecís Copy Cruiser WL line features computer-connected real-time progress monitoring and logging. Durable hard disk drive bays on all our duplicators allow users to load and unload hard drives in seconds, and select models include specially designed non-scratch SATA connectors rated to last more than 50,000 swap cycles. Larger tower models include front-locking dual casters to move the HDD duplicator from location to location, and Aleratec also offers economically-priced small office HDD duplicators that are both portable and powerful.

Industrial and Professional Hard Disk Drive Duplicators and Sanitizers - Aleratecís family of industrial and professional-grade high-speed duplicators allow IT professionals to perform sector-by-sector copies, including partition and boot sector information, from a single source 3.5Ē IDE HDD, 3.5"/2.5" SATA HDD or 2.5" IDE HDDs with optional adapter depending on the model. For large-scale operations, our high capacity hard drive duplicator line clones up to 24 or sanitizes up to 25 hard disk drives at a time. Small businesses or organizations with fewer hard drives to process on a regular basis can choose HDD duplicator models to create a single hard drive clone or up to four clone drives at a time. Many of these hard disk drive duplicators include sanitization functions for companies concerned about security breaches of sensitive files contained on the hard drives such as classified data and passwords. Wipe algorithms include Secure Erase, 1-Pass or 3-Pass with Verify and Third-party certified 7-Pass wipe sanitization. With Aleratec HDD duplicators/sanitizers, both large and small organizations can recycle, retire, or re-commission hard drives with confidence that sensitive information is permanently erased. Other key features include LED indicators on each tray that confirm successful completion and easy-to-operate LCD displays.Small Office Hard Disk Drive Duplicators - Aleratec gives small offices and organizations an easy and affordable way to clone hard disk drives with our portable hard drive duplicator line that eliminates the time-consuming chore of duplicating one hard drive at a time using a computer and complicated duplication software. With transfer rates as high as 130 MB/s, these compact and portable HDD duplicators support both 2.5" and 3.5" SATA hard drives and solid state drives, and customers can choose from basic features to more advanced capabilities. Aleratec small office duplicators create exact sector-by-sector hard disk drive clones without having to connect to a computer and are ideal for professionals who occasionally need to build, upgrade and backup multiple computer systems but do not need the power of a full-size tower duplicator. Clone hard drives quickly with docking bays that can be controlled by individual power buttons or an LCD screen with easy-to-use controls that make all of our smaller sized-duplicators simple to manage. Several models in the portable HDD duplicator line connect to a computer via USB to give users quick access to one or up to four hard disk drives at a time.Hard Disk Drive Duplicator and Sanitizer Accessories - Flexibility is designed into Aleratec HDD duplicators and sanitizers so customers can be prepared for upgrades and advancements to new storage mediums in the future. Aleratec provides different adapters and accessories to support a wide variety of media storage types for efficient cloning and sanitization. Check out the HDD Duplicator Buyerís Guide to help you choose the right match of adapters and duplicators.USB Duplicators - USB flash drives remain a popular medium for data replication of training materials, sales presentations, or for sharing other files from one computer to another. Copying multiple flash drives, however, can be cumbersome and time consuming. Aleratec computer-connected and stand-alone USB duplicators offer a quick and simple way of duplicating from 1 up to 118 USB flash drives at once. Our computer-connected USB duplicators include software interfaces to manage. For larger duplication tasks, our standalone USB duplicators operate without a computer and include advanced copy functions such as compare, copy system and data only, copy complete drive, format FAT and FAT 32 file systems and create and copy images from bootable flash drives. External hard drive-compatible standalone USB duplicators not only function as a flash drive duplicator but include the ability to copy USB-connected external 2.5-inch hard drives or solid state drives as well. Select models can sanitize traditional 2.5-inch external USB hard drives with Secure Erase, 1-Pass, 3-Pass or DoD 7-Pass Overwrite functions.Aleratec 1:118 USB Copy Tower Flash Drive DuplicatorAleratec 1:10 USB 3.0 Copy Cruiser Mini V2 DuplicatorDuplicator Accessories & Other ComponentsM.2 NVMe Adapter 2-Pack for USB DuplicatorsM.2 NGFF SATA SSD to SATA Converter 2-PackAleratec 2.5 Inch HDD Adapters for 3.5 inch Drive 2pkAleratec 50mm mSATA SSD to SATA Adapter 2-pack for Hard Disk DuplicatorsOutlet StoreAleratec HDD Drive Demolisher V3 Hard Disk Drive Destroyer Factory Refurbished1:16 HDD Copy Cruiser IDE/SATA High-Speed Duplicator / Sanitizer Factory RefurbishedAleratec 1:10 USB 3.0 Copy Cruiser Mini V2 Duplicator Factory RefurbishedAleratec 1:1 HDD Copy Dock USB3.0 V3 Duplicator Factory Refurbished Aleratec 2.5 Inch HDD Adapters for 3.5 inch Drive 2pk Factory RefurbishedBuyer's GuidesHDD DestructionHDD DuplicationHDD Duplication AdaptersUSB DuplicationDVD/CD DuplicationDVD/CD RepairRent vs. Buy GuideWhere to BuyUnited States ResellersCanada ResellersEurope ResellersLatin America ResellersAsia ResellersGovernment and Education ResellersUnited States Distributors (Resellers Only)Canada Distributors (Resellers Only)Mexico and Latin America Distributors (Resellers Only)SupportAleratec NewsroomCareersContact UsAleratec Product Registraton
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