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Industrial and Professional Hard Disk Drive Duplicators and Sanitizers

Aleratecs family of industrial and professional-grade high-speed duplicators allow IT professionals to perform sector-by-sector copies, including partition and boot sector information, from a single source 3.5 IDE HDD, 3.5"/2.5" SATA HDD or 2.5" IDE HDDs with optional adapter depending on the model. For large-scale operations, our high capacity hard drive duplicator line clones up to 24 or sanitizes up to 25 hard disk drives at a time. Small businesses or organizations with fewer hard drives to process on a regular basis can choose HDD duplicator models to create a single hard drive clone or up to four clone drives at a time. Many of these hard disk drive duplicators include sanitization functions for companies concerned about security breaches of sensitive files contained on the hard drives such as classified data and passwords. Wipe algorithms include Secure Erase, 1-Pass or 3-Pass with Verify and Third-party certified 7-Pass wipe sanitization. With Aleratec HDD duplicators/sanitizers, both large and small organizations can recycle, retire, or re-commission hard drives with confidence that sensitive information is permanently erased. Other key features include LED indicators on each tray that confirm successful completion and easy-to-operate LCD displays.
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