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Press Release - Hard Disk Drive Guide

Aleratec Offers Complete Guide for
Hard Disk Drive Duplicator Buyers

Chatsworth, CA – January 31, 2012 - Aleratec Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of "Prosumers' Choice" solutions for hard disk drive duplication, has published a buyer’s guide for hard disk drive duplicators. Many IT departments, small businesses, government agencies and other organizations and individuals are seeking a better way to duplicate and manage hard disk drives, SSDs (solid state drives) and other storage memory. The Aleratec HDD Duplicator Buyer’s Guide was created to help these groups make the best possible choice when considering their options. It provides readers with a solid understanding of the available technology and invites the reader to consider a series of questions that will help them determine what would be the right hard drive duplicator to meet their specific needs.

The guide first explains the benefits of using a hard disk duplicator to copy hard drives and other storage memory. It’s faster and simpler to use a disk drive duplicator than to use available software, especially when duplicating multiple disks. A hard disk drive duplicator is designed specifically for making one or more copies, often without tying up a computer that might be needed for other functions. Hard disk duplicating software packages require users to add and remove hard drives to an existing system, something a typical PC is not designed to accommodate on a frequent basis.

The Buyer’s Guide also includes a series of questions for readers to consider that will steer them to the selection of the best HDD duplicator for their uses and preferences. The questions readers are advised to consider include:

  • How fast do you need the hard drive duplicator to get the job done?
  • How often will you use your hard drive duplicator?
  • What types of hard drives will you process with your hard drive duplicator?
  • Do you need a hard drive duplicator that can copy the HPA on your master disk?
  • Do you need a hard drive duplicator that can also sanitize your hard disks?
  • What advanced features available in hard drive duplicators meet your needs and your budget?

  • Each of these questions is very important in determining which set of features in an HDD duplicator would be ideal for your application. A simple example is drive compatibility. Different duplicators handle different form factors and types of hard drives. If an organization only works with 3.5” SATA hard disk drives, then the duplicator it chooses does not need the capability to handle additional drive types. However, for groups that have a wide variety of drive types, certain hard disk drive duplicators can accommodate many other drives, sometimes with the help of adapters. For example, Aleratec’s 1:5 HDD Copy Cruiser IDE/SATA duplicator supports 2.5” and 3.5” SATA and IDE drives right out of the box. With additional adapters, not included, it can also support mSATA SSDs, Compact Flash (CF) memory, CFast memory and 1.8” MicroSATA SSDs.

    The Guide also provides information and direct links to Aleratec Hard Disk Drive Duplicators and available adapters including:

    Hard Disk Drive Duplicators:
  • 1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser - Part 350109
  • 1:5 HDD Copy Cruiser IDE SATA Hard Disk Duplicator - Part 350112
  • 1:5 HDD Cruiser Hard Disk Drive Duplicator and Sanitizer - Part 350104
  • 1:1 HDD Hard Disk Drive Duplicator and Sanitizer - Part 350103
  • 1:1 HDD PortaCruiser - Hard Disk Drive Duplicator and RAID - Part 350108
  • 1:3 HDD Copy Dock SATA Hard Disk Drive Duplicator - Part 350117
  • HDD Copy Cruiser Mini USB 3.0 SATA Hard Disk Drive Duplicator - Part 350115M/li>

    Hard Disk Drive Duplicator Adapters:

  • IDE Accessory Pack for HDD PortaCruiser - Part Number 240146
  • MicroSATA to SATA Adapter - Part Number 240151
  • 2.5" Inch HDD Adapters for 3.5" Inch Drive Bays - Part Number 350106
  • 3.5" SATA Hard Disk Drive Adapter – External Enclosure 2-Pack - Part Number 350113
  • 2.5" to 3.5" IDE Hard Drive Adapter 2-Pack - Part Number 350116
  • 50mm mSATA SSD to SATA Adapter 2-Pack - Part Number 350118
  • Compact Flash (CF) to SATA Adapter 2-Pack - Part Number 350119
  • CFast to SATA Adapter 2-Pack - Part Number 350120
  • MicroSATA to SATA Adapter/Cable Bundle, 6-Pack – Part Number 350122

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