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Press Release - Aleratec Rentals Program

Aleratec Announces Equipment Rental Program for Duplicators and Tablet Deployment Product

Aleratec Announces Equipment Rental Program for Duplicators and Tablet Deployment Products

Companies with critical but less frequent duplication and tablet deployment requirements can now rent HDD duplicators/sanitizers, USB and optical disc duplicators, portable device management, and other popular Aleratec products.

Chatsworth, California, July 6, 2015 – Aleratec Inc., announces a new rental program for hard disk drive duplicators and sanitizers, USB flash drive duplicators, optical disc duplicators and tablet charge/sync stations and secure cabinets. The move fills a gap for companies with occasional needs that must be met, but doesn't justify investment in purchasing the hardware.

“Many organizations and professionals are stuck in the difficult position of deciding whether to invest in expensive equipment or handle things manually when considering duplicators or tablet charge/sync solutions for occasional or one-time needs,” says Perry Solomon, Aleratec President and CEO. “Our rental program provides these customers with the third option of renting these devices at an affordable price.”

A member of the International Technology Rental Association (ITRA), the world's largest technology rental association, Aleratec will offer IDE/SATA HDD and SSD duplicators/sanitizers as well as USB flash drive and optical disc (Blu-ray, DVD or CD) duplicators. For organizations that require secure storage and charging/syncing of tablets and other USB devices at tradeshows or other infrequent events, the company will offer its complete line of portable device management products including its all-metal, lockable charge and sync tablet cabinet.

“We're pleased to welcome Aleratec to our network of technology-based companies,” says Dennis Pugh, President of ITRA. “Giving customers the opportunity to rent high volume HDD duplicators/sanitizers as well as other Aleratec products makes our organization even stronger.”

For more information on Aleratec's rental program, go to http://www.aleratec.com/rentals.html or email rentals@aleratec.com .

About Aleratec Inc.

Aleratec designs, develops and manufactures high-performance products acclaimed for their reliability and ease of use. Beginning in 2000, California-based Aleratec has met the needs of professionals in education, government and corporate markets with a diverse product line that includes professional-grade portable device management (PDM) charge/sync products for tablets and other mobile devices, duplicators for hard disk drives, USB flash drives and Blu-ray/DVD/CD discs, as well as disc printers, blank media, shredders, disc repair and related accessories. For more information, please visit www.Aleratec.com or contact us toll free at 866-77-ALERATEC (866-772-5372). You can also follow Aleratec at google.com/+AleratecInc, YouTube.com/Aleratec, Twitter.com/Aleratec, Facebook.com/Aleratec and Blog.Aleratec.com.

About the International Technology Rental Association (ITRA)

Founded in May 2000, the ITRA (International Technology Rental Association) is the world's largest technology rental association. Initially, the ITRA's alliance was based on Information Technology (IT) rental products. Over time, the association expanded its membership to include companies that rent, install, and support technology rental equipment from audiovisual (AV), Projection, Lighting, Kiosks, iPads, Communication equipment and services to Office Equipment rentals. Member companies are scattered across 4 continents and range in size from smaller organizations with few employees to larger ones with dozen of offices and hundreds to thousands of employees. Our member companies are handling the technology rental needs of corporate clients and event planning companies.


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