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Press Release - HDD Adapters Buyer's Guide

Aleratec Releases New Hard Disk Drive Adapter Buyer's Guide

Chatsworth, CA – July 30, 2013 - Aleratec Inc., a leading digital duplication technology manufacturer, has published a new Hard Disk Drive Adapter Buyer's Guide for IT and other professionals seeking guidance on selecting the right equipment for their duplication needs. With the addition of the appropriate adapters, Aleratec HDD duplicators can also work with various other storage media types, from mSATA SSDs to 1.8” MicroSATA SSDs to Compact Flash cards. This helpful Buyer's Guide lays out all the relevant criteria for choosing the right combination of adapters and duplicators for these alternate forms of storage media.

"The versatility of our hard drive duplicators to be compatible with storage media other than traditional hard drives and solid state drives offers great value to users," says Aleratec President and CEO Perry Solomon. "However, we offer so many adapter options that a simple, straightforward guide can really help customers identify what they need quickly."

Aleratec’s Hard Disk Drive Adapter Buyer’s Guide provides an easy, step-by-step process by which to identify the important factors in choosing the right duplicator and set of adapters, such as capacity, speed and compatibility. It also provides a tutorial on sanitization and other advanced features that are included with some duplicator models. Finally, there is a handy chart that distills all of the HDD adapter compatibility information into an easy-to-read format which eliminates a lot of the confusion about what works with what.

The Aleratec Hard Disk Drive Adapter Buyer’s Guide is free and available to view at www.aleratec.com/buyers-guides.html. Other Aleratec Buyer’s Guides available include ones covering optical disc duplicators, USB flash drive duplicators, shredders and more. For more information on Aleratec hard disk duplicators and sanitizers or any other Aleratec products, contact 866 772-5372.

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Beginning in 2000, California-based Aleratec has met the needs of government, education and commercial markets with professional-grade duplicators for hard disk drives, USB flash drives and BD/DVD/CD discs.  Aleratec also produces disc printers, blank media, shredders, disc repair and related accessories with the “Prosumer” in mind.

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