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Buyer's Guide - Optical Disc Publishers

Aleratec Releases New Optical Disc Publisher Buyer's Guide

The leading manufacturer of HDD and USB Duplicators has published a step-by-step buyer's guide on optical disc publishers and how to choose the right system.

Chatsworth, CA – March 27, 2013 - Aleratec Inc., the leader in disc duplication technology, has published its much anticipated Optical Disc Publishers Buyer's Guide. Benefitting large and small organizations tasked with the time-consuming chore of disc duplication, the Buyer's Guide explores the latest technologies available in disc copying and optical disc publisher systems.

"Our engineers and product designers have a wealth of knowledge on disc duplication that we wanted to make available to customers who are considering investing in an optical disc publisher," says Aleratec President and CEO Perry Solomon. "Optical disc publishers are critical time-saving tools, and the more end users know about the costs and technologies, the better purchasing decisions they'll make."

Aleratec’s Optical Disc Publisher Buyer’s Guide reviews the various types and costs of optical disc publishers, speed rates, labeling techniques, and how to choose a disc copier based on the type and amount of discs to duplicate (i.e., CD, DVD, Blu-ray, etc). Readers will also learn about manual versus robotic optical disc publishers as well as stand-alone disc publishers versus computer-connected systems.  The Guide also includes a tutorial on CD label and DVD label processes such as common ink jet labeling and the more advanced LightScribe process that burns a silkscreen-like high-contrast label on the topside of a DVD or CD.

According to Aleratec, the purpose of Optical Disc Publisher Buyer’s Guide is to give customers enough information to avoid the pitfalls of buying equipment that does not meet their duplication and disc labeler needs. 

The Aleratec Optical Disc Buyer’s Guide is free and available to view at www.aleratec.com/buyers-guides.html. Other Aleratec Buyer’s Guides available include ones covering hard disk drive duplicators, USB flash drive duplicators, shredders and more. For more information on Aleratec Optical Disc Publishers or any other Aleratec products, contact 866 772-5372.

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