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Rental Program

Big Software refresh cycle coming up requiring hard drive duplication/sanitization? Need to clone 2000 USB flash drives fast?
In search of a better wat to securely store, charge and sync tablets at tradeshows or public events? Have a one-time job to create dozens or even hundreds of DVD or CD discs?
If your company has the occasional need to clone and sanitize hard disk drives or duplicate numerous USB flash drives, Aleratec rents high volume IDE/SATA and SSD duplicators/sanitizers as well as high-volume USB flash drive duplicators. We also offer lockable, all-metal charge/sync cabinets and portable charge/sync stations to safely store, charge and sync tablets and other USB charged devices at tradeshows or other public events. For those one-time DVD or CD duplication jobs, you can rent optical disc tower duplicators as well.
Easy In and Easy Out
Aleratec can deliver:
  • HDD duplicators that can manage large system refresh cycles and adapters for Compact Flash, mSATA SSDs and other media
  • USB flash drive duplicators to quickly clone up to 31 USB flash drives at a time
  • Charge/sync cabinets and stations for secure and efficient tablet deployment
  • DVD/CD tower duplicators

Sometimes it pays to rent.
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