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Small Office Hard Disk Drive Duplicators

Aleratec gives small offices and organizations an easy and affordable way to clone hard disk drives with our portable hard drive duplicator line that eliminates the time-consuming chore of duplicating one hard drive at a time using a computer and complicated duplication software. With transfer rates as high as 130 MB/s, these compact and portable HDD duplicators support both 2.5" and 3.5" SATA hard drives and solid state drives, and customers can choose from basic features to more advanced capabilities. Aleratec small office duplicators create exact sector-by-sector hard disk drive clones without having to connect to a computer and are ideal for professionals who occasionally need to build, upgrade and backup multiple computer systems but do not need the power of a full-size tower duplicator. Clone hard drives quickly with docking bays that can be controlled by individual power buttons or an LCD screen with easy-to-use controls that make all of our smaller sized-duplicators simple to manage. Several models in the portable HDD duplicator line connect to a computer via USB to give users quick access to one or up to four hard disk drives at a time.
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