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Aleratec has a duplicator to meet every home or business need. The product line includes Hard Disk Drive Duplicators, USB and Flash Drive Duplicators, as well as DVD, CD and Blu-ray Duplicators. Aleratec's duplicators are designed for optimal accuracy, reliability and ease-of-use.
HDD Duplicators
Aleratec offers a complete range of HDD Duplicators for Duplicating your 3.5" and 2.5" Hard Disk Drives.
USB Duplicators
The Aleratec USB Duplicator is new and unique. The USB Copy Cruiser Plus copies digital pictures, MP3 files and other data between USB drives without a computer.
Professionals rely on Aleratec duplicators to make perfect copies of hard disk drives, USB flash drives, and optical discs simply and reliably. Certain models of Aleratec industrial or professional-grade hard drive duplicators clone SATA and IDE hard drives or solid state drives with targets ranging from a few to up to 24 identical clones simultaneously. In addition, most Aleratec HDD duplicators include advanced overwrite algorithms for sanitizing hard drives, and many models in the Aleratec HDD duplicator line also duplicate mSATA SSDs, CF Cards, CFast Cards and other storage mediums with the purchase of optional adapters.

If youíre in the market for a USB duplicator, Aleratec offers a full line of computer-connected USB duplicators with easy-to-use software interfaces to duplicate directly from image files or a flash drive or from selected files and folders on the computerís hard drive. We also design, develop and manufacture feature-rich, stand-alone tower duplicators for exact copies of flash drive files without the need of a computer. Aleratecís roots began in optical disc duplication, and we offer high-speed, stand-alone duplicators that copy DVDs and CDs, as well as industrial stand-alone Blu-Ray duplicator systems.

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