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USB Duplicators

Aleratec USB duplicators allow you to quickly and easily copy USB flash drives. Each standalone or computer-connected USB duplicator is loaded with features. No matter how many flash drive copies you need to make, there is a model that meets your needs and budget.
USB flash drives remain a popular medium for data replication of training materials, sales presentations, or for sharing other files from one computer to another. Copying multiple flash drives, however, can be cumbersome and time consuming. Aleratec computer-connected and stand-alone USB duplicators offer a quick and simple way of duplicating from 1 up to 118 USB flash drives at once. Our computer-connected USB duplicators include software interfaces to manage. For larger duplication tasks, our standalone USB duplicators operate without a computer and include advanced copy functions such as compare, copy system and data only, copy complete drive, format FAT and FAT 32 file systems and create and copy images from bootable flash drives. External hard drive-compatible standalone USB duplicators not only function as a flash drive duplicator but include the ability to copy USB-connected external 2.5-inch hard drives or solid state drives as well. Select models can sanitize traditional 2.5-inch external USB hard drives with Secure Erase, 1-Pass, 3-Pass or DoD 7-Pass Overwrite functions.
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